AATKD COVID-19 Safety Procedures
Enter / Exit
No more than 25 people in the gym at once.
One adult will be permitted to accompany their child to class. We ask all spectator's to
please wear a mask for the safety of the students.
An instructor will be posted at the door to ensure children enter and exit the school safely.
Students should be dressed to train. Dressing rooms and the office will not be open.
The water fountain will not be available. Students may bring disposable drinks with them.
Class Procedures
Classes will be held 4 nights per week. See attached schedule.
Students will be required to stand 6 feet apart when training; specific training marks will be
placed on the floor to help our younger students.
Classes will be 45 minutes long with 15 minutes between classes to clean. Students should leave
the gym as soon as class is finished and enter the gym no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their
scheduled class time. This will allow us ample time to sterilize common surfaces.
Classes will be limited to non-contact drills, forms, non-contact sparing, bag drills and
technical instruction.

Hygiene and Cleaning
The school surfaces will be cleaned before and after every class.
Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the school.
Air conditioning will be run with fresh air intake only. Internal fans will not be used.
Instructors will use gloves if warranted.
If necessary, an infrared thermometer may be used to help screen students.
The School is set to re-open on July 1, 2020
Due to the age of our Tiny Tigers, they will be permitted one person to attend class with